Friday, June 9, 2017

Non-stop, sweet, and gross (Gross pictures herein)

My little 20 month old is non-stop. From the moment he wakes up until you force him to sleep at night he is constantly on the go.  We practically have to force him to sit down to eat. He doesn't even want to sit then. He much rather play puppy. One of the only moments whe he will be still is when he is nursing. Which is only 2-3 times a day now, we are slowly weaning. He climbs up everything, drags chairs around to reach things up high, jumps off of whatever he has climbed on and hopes someone will catch him. And of course follows his big sister around and wants to do everything she does.

He is also incredibly sweet. He will call to you and pat the place he wants you to sit so he can be near you. He will hold your hand while riding in the grocery cart. He is so proud when he masters new words. This week's words were "bug" and "book". 

He is also incredibly gross. E never explored her diapers when they were poopy. But Tank is a little obsessed with poop.  Thankfully he has only gotten into his diaper once. But he constantly asks us "poop?" When we are in the restroom, or if he hears a fart. He got his  finger slammed in the front door a few weeks back and today his fingernail came off in one piece. I think there is one growing back. At least I hope so. His tubes are also a source of disgust. He has a head cold and the left ear has decided to turn into a faucet. It's like he has a runny nose, out his ear. Hopefully this just means the tubes are doing their job.

But for all his gross I will still take his sloppy baby kisses any day. 
One whole baby fingernail....blech 

Well...the tubes work

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Moana with E

watching movies with a highly inquisitive, loquacious 4 year old is not for the easily frustrated.
I'm afraid my child is going to be that person in a movie theater who talks to the screen and asks loud questions. Despite her tendency to narrate/ask questions through the entire movie, I love family movie night.  Tonight we watched Moana and recorded everything E said to the best of my ability. So, here is my transcript of Movie Night: Moana with E:

It's Maui!
Te-fiti cant hear him.
Run Maui run!
I wish I had a fishhook
Where is Maui? Why is he not in the water?
Why is that a mother?
Where's Maui?
Why did he say 'I'm gonna throw up?'
Why does Moana have a diaper?
Why does she have a necklace too?
She says 'I wanna get the shell'
I see sea turtle spots
Why did the baby sea turtle say that?
Why does his flippers go round and round?
She's gonna drop a she'll
She's dropping shells
WHY is she dropping shells?
Squirt and crush!
Why did the ocean start a big head?
Why did she say that?
What's that thing?
What are those guys doing?
What do they use?
Why did Pua do that?
Why did heihei get in the fire?
Why did people see Moana?
Haha! Village crazy lady!
She's grown up!
Why did he get a tattoo? Why did he get lots of tattoos?
Woah, that's a lot of chiefs!
That was loud. Her people were loud! Loud.
What was that?
Why did he say that?
Mom, why did some of the darkness get into the coconuts?
What is husking?
Why are they sad?
I like Maui.
Why is he mad?
Why did she throw sticks into the sand?
Why are they sad?
5 toes, 6toes, 7toes, 8 toes, 9toes 10 toes
Why did a kid wave to Moana?
Why did she pick up a stone?
But now she put it back. Why?
Why is she gonna slide?
Why is there a broken place?
What were those puff puff things?
Yes, so bad!
Swim, Moana, swim!
Why did she get hurt on her foot?
Why did he run away from the paddle?
Why did wind knock the boat over?
Gramma tala!
She's just a little person and the boats are really big!
Why is she under a boat?
Why are some boats ripped?
It's nighttime right?
Wow that's a really bug boat!
How many times?
3 times., right daddy?
Sings in "Hawaiian"
Why did he do it daddy?
That's means their island is...
That's their island!
Some of the darkness!
Mom, I bet a rock's face is like teka 
Ready mom?
Why is she dying?
How old?
Why are they all sad?
Why did Maui steal the heart?
She's taking that one, why?
It's it's gramma
I thought it was darkness but they thrower her out into the ocean right?
Where's the fishhook?
Why is it in front of her?
Oh no!
It's unstoppable!
Why are there lots of waves?
Mom, who is gonna help her?
She won't be able to see!
In the sand!
Maybe that's Anna.
Why was he scared?
1000 years
Thank you!
*sings and dances to You're welcome"*
Why do maui's tattoos move?
*resumes dancing and singing*
Boat snack!
Maui broke!
I could watch that all day
Wonder what they're here for...
How can their boat turn into more boats?
Why aren't they gonna get the chicken?
Run Moana! Run!
Mom, lets have a movie snack while we are watching the movie.
Why did Maui say that?
When is gonna stand up?
Why did he pee in the ocean?
That's just a dream.
Where's Maui?
Where's her house?
Run chief tui! Run!
 What's the moms name?
Why lalotai?
I can say lalota
Where is their boat?
That's a really high mountain? Why?
Why are there bad guys?
What's that?
What did he do?
What are haka?
It ate them! It eated them!
Why did it glow when she hit it?
Thanks tree!
What are those?
What's that?
Where is tomatoa's head?
He's so strong?
Where's the leg that Maui broke off?
Why are there fish?
Why did she say that?
Did you like the song?
Who is gonna help him flip over?
What did his fishhook do?
Is that the way to teka?
Te-ka and Te-fiti are different?
Hey Mom do the thing that Moana just did!
Why is mauis little buddy afraid?
Why is he mad and sad?
 My pillow!
When did she say Maui you're so amazing!?
Why are they both sad?
Why is his buddy happy?
When things are too big he knocks them down!
What are those mountains for?
Silly ocean!
He teached her how to sail?
Why is Maui bigger than Moana?
What's a Demi god?
Human god!
Maybe that's Te-ka's smoke.
Is it Te-ka's smoke?
His hook tried to stop it from hitting them?
What do the lava balls do, from hitting them?
Why is he sad?
Why is he mad?
What are gods?
Why do hawks have big wings?
Why is the boat still?
When is it gonna move?
Why is it making that glow mom?
Where is her feet?
Where is her feet
Is the darkness in the voyager island?
Are they dead?
What happens to them in the darkness?
Are they starving?
I can see her feet now!
What does te-ka ruin the boat?
Why did she turn back into a human?
This is a long movie!
Her dad!
They are going backwards?
Why is their boat going backwards?
It's going forward.
Why are all the boats going faster?
They are starving right now, that's why they are pretend dead.
They are pretend deaf.
She got some sand too.
She's not talking.
Now she's going fast.
Is Te-ka going to see her at day, or night?
There's her darkness!
Moana is not starving.
It got in the place where Moana was going to get to.,
She can shape shift!
Yeah she can.
Go Moana!
She's trying to defeat Te-ka.
She's trying to play with Te-ka. Play!
They made it! Where's Te-is!
Where's heihei?
Why is heihei floating away?
One more hit then her boat is gone.
 It she's all rock!
Why is it not over yet?
The ocean stopped it from hitting her!
Which spiral?
Kapow! Right Mom?
Where's Te-Kas barrier?
*Imitates mauis haka.*
Mauis a little sad right now.
Where's her feet?
They're going slow. Why?
What does unstoppable mean?
This is not who you know who you are.
Her eyes are still lava, right Mom.
Trees are growing!
I thought she took a long time.
Why did he say that?
Why did he say that?
Where's her flower?
The flower in her hair.
What about the flower her mom gave her?
That's a real island. Tefiti is a real island.
Why is Maui sad?
Why can't we see his hawk foot prints?
Pink flower!
Now there's a new rule. They get to be out in the ocean again.
Her shell. The rock is gonna crack her shell
She's the new chief. Her dad is the old chief. Her mom is the other old chief.
When I die I'll become a hawk.
Let's listen to the credits, and I want to see tanatoa
Mauis fishhook!
Moana necklace!
Mauis necklace!
Moana sail
Boat sail!
Maui lizard!
Gramma atlas hook
Kakamoras thing.
What's that?
Blow dart in my butt cheek!
Maui  fish!
Moanas boat sail
Moanas shell
Maui fish!
The drum!
Heart of tefiti!
A flower.
Let's dance!
Come on!
Turtle. Turtle. Squirt and crush, crush and squirt
Fish fish fishfishfish 
Hammerhead shark!
Pink flower!
More flowers
Flower, flower, art!
When is this Mom? (Referring to the song)
Flower, flower.
When is this?
I'm the village crazy lady!
We didn't hear it. I'm the village crazy lady.
Flowe, leaf, leaf leaf leaf 
What's this One?now what's this one?
Mom, tefiti restores!
Diamond, art, leaf, art, leafleafleafleaf!
Mom, who's that man right there?
There is his leg that broke off.
 I would help Tamatoa!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Sweet siblings


E is now four and five months and tank is 18 months old. And he LOVES his big sister.

I ride too!
Everything  she does, he wants to do. Every toy she plays with, he wants it.  Because of his big sister, he's  obsessed with Paw Patroll and knows all the words to "let it go."

 He loves her. And she loves him too, though she gets frustrated with him. But he is relentless in his pursuit of her attention. When he wants her to be with him he will go up to her and take her hand.  He loves to walk hand-in-hand with her. Which makes for some pretty sweet moments. 
 I hope that as they grow up they continue to be best friends. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

9 months strong

Oh, poor neglected second child. I have blog posts in the works for his other months, well maybe one or two of them,  I mostly comprised of list of things that I want to talk about but just never got around to sitting down and writing. And now Mr. Man is nine months old.

 And he is amazing at nine months. We still call him tank but he's actually pretty little. He looks massive until you put him by another baby, then he's tiny; so maybe he's tiny tank.  He's in nine month old clothes and size 3 diapers. He's only 27 inches tall and only 17 lbs. 13 oz. but he is so awesome.

He's an eater, all day all night. About every three hours or he gets hangry, he likes his solids too.  Haven't found anything that he doesn't like yet and he always wants to eat when someone else is eating. If you have a snack he better be willing to share or face the wrath of tiny tank.  And he's a food critic. He talks the most when he has something in his mouth he loves to shriek and squeal and babbling talk he loves to do it most when he's eating. Both solids and milk which is kind of funny.  We did have our first biting incident now that he has two teeth. He did not like the response of being told no and being put down on the ground. Thankfully he hasn't bitten again since.

 He's not much of a sleeper, mostly because he wants to eat instead. He still gets up two to three times a night.  We started to sleep train him, Ferber style, and he goes to bed without a fuss now for the most part. When he wakes up in the middle of the night we give him a few minutes to try to sort himself out. But he usually just ends up screaming for the entire time. At some point I'll have to night wean,  The part of night winning is increasing food during the day and he already eats every 2 to 3 hours plus solids during the day. He sleeps in his crib all night which is a big change from previous where he would need to be in our bed or at least in our arms so that's a big improvement even if he's still getting up.

 He is strong. Walking is imminent, he can stand unassisted,  he can walk when you hold his hands. And he loves to climb on things. We never anchored our furniture to the wall for E,  but we're going to have to with tank. Because he will climb anything and everything. He's been going to Little gym class and he loves it there. One  of his favorite things to do is crawl. Everywhere as fast as he can.  He gets into a lot of mischief at home. Especially since there are lots of toys left out by a certain 3 1/2 year-old. One of his favorite things to do is eat paper or stickers. He has a special noise that he makes when he has paper or stickers in his mouth it's sort of a NumYummyYum noise that he doesn't make when he's eating food.

He like to play games. The standards like peekaboo and this little piggy of course,  but he also likes to play fetch with himself. Whatever toy he has he'll throw them and crawl across  the floor to get it. He also has a little game where he will tell his head to the side and smile and stare at you until you tilt your head back and then he'll pop up and then fall back down expecting you to do the same, it's very cute.

 He loves other people. He loves to smile at people laugh at people and be held by people even complete random strangers. And of course strangers love to hold him because he so happy and, of course, the hair.  The hair is almost grown back to link it wasn't like that at three months ago. The curls are still gone, which makes me a little sad, but he still has a really good hair for a nine-month-old.

 He loves bath time in the pool and would spend all his time in the water if we let him. He does not like being in his playpen when people are out of sight or being alone in general. It is not like getting his diaper changed or putting on clothes.  He does not like being strapped into his car seat.  He does not like it when mommy takes the paper or stickers out of his mouth. He did great on his first airplane flights only fussing a little bit and sleeping for most of the flights.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

E's wisdom: sadness

hey mommy, when you are sad your heart splits apart.
But you can fix it with cuddles and hugs.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Baseball fever

We had another first for E. We got to take her to her first major-league  baseball game. Her uncle is a huge baseball fanatic and was in town visiting. The Astros just happen to be playing that afternoon. She spent the morning with her uncle watching baseball videos  mostly videos of the mascots. The Astros mascot is named orbit and he's based off of the Phillies mascot name the Philly flyer. E very proudly can do the Philly flyer dance where the Philly Flyer shakes his belly around vigorously. 
E was super excited to go to the game. When we got there we found out that the roof was open and our seats were right in the bright sun. It was hot and it was sweaty; the remedy for that is of course a giant putple snow cone.  E charmed the people around us by shouting encouragement to the team "you can do it!" "He did it". "Hit the ball!"  And just in general being a super well behaved kiddo. 
Tank also continue to charm people with his luscious locks. As we were trying to get a swaddle blanket over his head to keep him cool a couple behind us handed us a toddler size Astros baseball cap and told us they had bought it for their son and we could borrow it for the game. About 20 minutes later they told us they were leaving and that we could keep the hat.  So Tank is well on his way in following in his big sisters footsteps of getting lots of free stuff for being cute. 

 All throughout the game E was looking for Orbit. Every time she went into the shade to get a drink or to go to the bathroom and cool off Orbit would appear somewhere in the stands. By the time she come back he disappeared again. Uncle Rune even went on an Orbit finding mission, and came back with a guaranteed sighting time; the seventh inning stretch.

Of course since Tank had a hat E wanted to get a hat. And she wanted to play in the big kids play area. By the bottom of the 5th the game was starting to drag and it was getting really hot so we went to the gift store and the big kids play area. E got a bit scared because the play area was filled wi crazy big kids, so we didn't stay long. But it was just long enough for us to miss the grand slam play that won the Astros the game.
At the 7th inning stretch, Orbit was finally spotted by Ms. E, and at that point we were all pretty hot and tired so we called it a game and headed out.

E has already started asking when we can go back to go see anothe baseball game. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Just another day...

Today was just another day...

 Another day of waking up early after not enough sleep, making food, changing diapers, shuffling kids around, playing Dinotrux,  brushing three-year-old teeth, trips to the library, a little too much screen time.  There was nothing outstandingly awesome, but I want to remember.  It was outstandingly awesome and it's just another day-ness.

 It was a little bit extra awesome because we had the day off from school. And thankfully we are far enough north that the flooding wasn't too bad in our area. The water came up about 2 feet onto our front lawn and flooded the floor mats of our car parked on the street. But today was beautiful.  I am so thankful for where we live, that were not dealing with the crazy flooding or scary things that happen in other parts of the town. And I am so grateful for the extra day I got to spend with my kids even though it wasn't anything spectacular.

 I want to remember the ordinary things today: playing with Tank's hair and stayling up into a kind of Mohawk. Snuggling with E and reading lots and lots of stories. How she came back repeatedly during storytime at the library to give Tank hugs and snuggles just because she loved him.  How she danced and try to tickle the librarian during the sing-along part of story time. How she was so careful of the other little kids at story time because she's one of the big kids there now.   How in the middle of one of the sing-along songs she gave the little girl next to her a big giant hug. The way she says hello to everyone because she's friendly, ans she always wants to know their names. The way she yells at motorcycle riders who don't wear their helmets that they're not making a good choice. The fact the Tank ate his entire bowl of baby oatmeal for the first time. the way Tank's hair smells after having washed out all that product since it needed to be shampooed three times.  E holding my hand as I sang her special verse in the Puff the Magic Dragon song where she goes to visit Puff.  E whispering to me I love you very very very very very very much and I love tank very much too and daddy. E asking about why the cars went under the water because she saw a video of it on a tablet; how she was concerned for the people in their cars in a na├»ve child-like way but didn't really understand the danger but understood that it was a scary thing.  The way Tank talked and talked and talked and talked today both when we went out to lunch, and then tonight when he was trying to not go to sleep. The boy has a lot to say.

 It was just an ordinary day. And I hope I never forget it.